The following is an extract from an article originally written by Mrs Rose Ginn, Life Member of Terrigal Women's Bowling Club, 1955 - 1980. Lorna Wicks edited this for the occasion of the Club's 25th Birthday in 1980.

Early in 1955,in the term of Mr Fred Blackmore, as President of Terrigal Bowling Club, it was decided to admit ladies as bowling members of the Club. In February 1955, the inaugural meeting of Terrigal Women's Bowling Club was held. Nine ladies attended and the meeting was chaired by Mrs Pauline Ford. These nine ladies were: Mrs Lou Broad, Mrs Lucy Chapman, Mrs Millie Murrell, Mrs Mary Anderson, Mrs Netta Upston, Mrs Vera Peyton, Mrs Rose Ginn, Mrs May Bowes and Mrs Jenny Docksey. Mrs Broad was elected first President, Mrs Anderson Secretary and Mrs Doxy Treasurer.

Official Opening Day was held on 20th September,1955 and was attended by the executive of N.S.W.W.B.A. Club President. Mrs Broad, rolled the first 'jack', and Mrs Wolinski, President of N.S.W.W.B.A. delivered the first bowl. The new Club decided to adopt the same badge as the men, which depicts the ocean and the famous local landmark,'The Skillion,' in colours of blue, red and gold. The Terrigal Women's Bowling Club now became the fifth affiliated Club on the Central Coast.

Early Terrigal members were also involved in the formation of three more Women's Clubs in the area: Avoca Beach, Long Jetty and Gosford A&C. Six members and their husbands formed Avoca Beach; four ladies left to form Long Jetty Women's when Tuggerah Lakes Memorial Club opened its doors to women players. Gosford A&C had three former Terrigal members at its inaugural meeting with Mrs Elsie Margin becoming its first President.

In the Club's first 25 years, the Presidents have been: Mrs Lou Broad 1955 - 59; Mrs Lucy Chapman 1959 - 65; Mrs Rose Ginn 1965 - 67; Mrs Edina Napper 1958 - 70; Mrs Vida Henderson 1970 - 73; Mrs Betty Jones 1973 - 76; Mrs Connie Gould 1977 - 79 and  Mrs Doris Mason 1979 - 80. One of these ladies, Mrs Betty Jones became President of the C.C.D.W.B.A. from 1977 - 80.

Club achievements in its first 25 years have been: D Grade Pennants 1959; C Grade Pennants 1960 - 61; No 4 Grade Pennants 1967 - 68; No.3 Grade Pennants 1970 - 71; No. 2 Grade Pennants 1971 - 72; C.C.D.Triples Runner - Up 1967-77; C.C.D.Fours 1977 - 78 and Runners Up C.C.D.Fours 1978 - 79. In 1974 - 75, the club won The Hetherington Trophy. Mrs Lorna Wicks was named the C.C.Bowler of the Year in 1976 - 77. In 1970, the Frewin Cup for indoor bowls was won. There were 220 playing members in the Club at this time.

Our first President had the honour of becoming our first Life Member.

As well as participating in Pennant Competitions, club members play with other Clubs for five trophies throughout the year. These  are: the Rose Evans Trophy between Terrigal and Wyong, first played in 1956; The Rose Ginn Trophy between Terrigal and B.H.P. first played in 1967; the Mildred Brettnall Cup between Terrigal and Woy Woy, initiated in 1960; the Vera Peyton Trophy between Terrigal and Avoca Beach first played in 1961 and the Dorothy Purdue Trophy played between Terrigal and Wamberal in 1977. As well as these competitions, friendship visits from Hornsby, Toronto and B.H.P. were held.

Yearly donations were made to local charities. Over the years, the ladies have been responsible for adding many items to Terrigal Bowling Club including four flag standards for displaying Pennant Flags.

In 1965, Mrs Glad Whitworth wrote the words of a song for the Club, sung to the tune of 'Harrigan'. We have sung it many times with pride in our Club.